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Namaste Project

In 1997, I traveled through India with preconceived visions of a country, having read and eaten quite everything I could find about its culture over a period of 20 years before I ever got to visit it. After traveling thousands of miles to get there, from taking taxis to riding on an elephant, the travel became more of a race contest inside a camera lens than a human experience. I returned home with lots of videotapes but as an empty spirit who has returned home like a passenger who has missed its train.

For years, I searched for a project that would try to re-conciliate my soul with “Mother India”. In 2004, I finally found a way through a VJ project to experiment with new visual softwares, finding the means to take a renewed path enabling me to create a different dialogue with India.

In this project, I used various video softwares for editing such as Adobe Premiere, After effects and Visualjockey. I also have experimented for the first time a new generation of DVD editing such as Adobe Encore. After years of reflecting and months of work, I hope that I have found a way to express many of my soul emotions of this Indian experience and translate it into a personal vision of humanity.

VJ Nokami.
Namaste (2004)
Various VJ work from Indian movies

namaste_01 (02:54)
namaste_01a.jpgnokami projects namaste

namaste_02 (08:46)
namaste_02a.jpgnokami projects namaste

namaste_03 (06:59)
namaste_03a.jpgnokami projects namaste

namaste_04 (03:26)
namaste_04a.jpgnokami projects namaste

namaste_05 (05:34)
namaste_05a.jpgnokami projects namaste

namaste_06 (06:04)
namaste_06a.jpgnokami projects namaste

nokami projects namaste

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